The Loop
Identity, messaging, naming and web for a new circular innovation company that offers solutions to turn textile waste into new valuable products.

The Loop

Creative Direction
Brand Strategy
Messaging and Voice
Visual Identity
Content Writing
Campaign and Concept
Video and Animation
Web Design and Development

Fernando Espeso: Web Development

EPS has developed a brand identity for The Loop that captures its circular mission with a vibrant visual and textual language. The main message unites the brand’s logo and tagline to articulate a four-word value proposition for The Loop: “From Waste To Value.” 

The flexible identity uses type and color to create a powerful and instantly recognizable look for the company, while providing a visual system for brand architecture that can grow and evolve. The elegant, higher-contrast Greed typeface (designed by Martin Vácha for Displaay) adds character and works great in digital contexts. Soft green and pastel colors, which have historically been used when commodifying sustainability, have been consciously avoided. Instead, The Loop employs a contemporary digital palette that includes a bright green, an accent color that connects us to nature and its regenerative cycles. Custom icons and infographics highlight the brand’s sustainable purpose and creative personality.

Consistent with the design principles applied to create the brand identity —creative, direct and relevant—, the video campaign and website, launched in November 2021, convey the engaging experience of The Loop’s waste-to-value system and set the company apart in its sector.

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Press Advertising. Annual Dossier 2021

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