Visual identity for a VFX company that seamlessly merge live film footage with computer-generated imagery.


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Visual Identity

SCAN2VFX is a Spanish company, home to a team of visual effects (VFX) specialists who use scanning for VFX, matchmoving, and 3D reconstruction to seamlessly merge live film footage with computer-generated imagery. The company creates effects that are almost impossible to distinguish from the ‘real’ thing, making physically impossible environments a visual reality. With a track record of over 20 years of creating best-in-class VFX for some truly outstanding creative projects, SCAN2VFX has earned recognition and trust, not only from the Spanish entertainment industry, but also from production giants such as HBO, Netflix, Amazon or Apple TV.

When EPS was commissioned to create the visual identity for SCAN2VFX, the first challenge was to reflect the unusual blend of artistic and technical skills that is the essence of VFX. The identity centers on a direct, impactful logo that embodies all the transformative power of SCAN2VFX. The wordmark is set in Azeret Mono Bold, a monospaced sans-serif designed by Martín Vácha for Displaay, that gives all characters the same height and width. Inspired by the graphic codes associated with the most technical brands in the film industry, the logotype in all caps brings strength and rigor, and captures the deep relevance of VFX when it enters a film set.

The color palette has been refined to a bold set of digital colors which allude to a very visual and technological universe: yellow connects us with light and the scanning process, a purplish blue transports us to the world of editing and visual effects, and grey to 3D modeling. Black and white are also essential in the brand’s chromatic identity, tying together all three different colors, while also feeling natural within the brand’s cinematographic universe.

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Set for La Casa de Papel, Season 5. Image courtesy of Vancouver Media

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