New iconic ident for the leading in-theater advertising medium in Spain, designed to be loved by the new generation of moviegoers.


Creative Direction
Motion Graphics

Rubén Villanueva: Music
Barei: Singing

Movierecord is the leading in-theater advertising medium in Spain, currently reaching over 2,200 movie screens and 54 million ticket buyers nationwide. Its irresistibly addictive 20-second theme from the 80s, heard and sung in theaters by Spanish moviegoers for three decades, has earned a place in the country’s popular culture.

In 2014 the company approached us to create a new iconic ident for the next generation of moviegoers. We instantly knew that we needed to think beyond visual and use sonic branding to stay true to Movierecord and the Spanish movie-going experience. 

We teamed up with music producer Rubén Villanueva and singer Barei to create a new sonic ident that would pay homage to the popular jingle composed by Josep Llobell, while providing a more contemporary atmosphere that would allow for an updated conversation between sound and image. Newer textures were created building on the iconic melody and the new arrangements were brought together by the powerful use of Barei’s voice, which acts as the combined sonic force for the ident.

Typographic patterns and graphics look both retro and contemporary, shining in an immersive environment of mind-blowing, hypnotic motion. A bespoke dot-based typeface evoking the vintage coming attractions titles used by movie theaters, plays with the different qualities of light, having it flicker, dim and blast.

The result captures the glitz and shine of cinema and retains the same overall feeling or mood of the old jingle, while bringing new excitement and energy.

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