Brand strategy, logo and identity for a Spanish company that has been innovating textile recycling since 1960.


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Hivesa is a third-generation, family-owned company with a six-decade-long history in solving waste challenges and building a circular economy that transforms textile waste into value. The company collects, transports and sorts textile waste safely, and finds new uses for it, including recycling and converting waste into new high-quality fibers that power the regenerative supply chain across industries.

In 2021, EPS developed a new identity for Hivesa that raises the profile of the company, reaffirming its global presence and its commitment to circularity in this new era where sustainability is no longer an option but a business imperative. We decided to change the existing acronym logo to an updated version using Suisse Int’l, a sans-serif typeface by Swiss Typefaces that ensures perfect legibility at any size and medium. A minimal approach features the new Hivesa logo in lower case, giving it a modern feel. The Hivesa symbol projects the global reach of the company and the limitless potential of its circular waste-to-value system. 

The highly recognizable striped pattern of the symbol can be used extensively as a graphic motif for a cohesive brand experience. A distinctive color palette conveys the sense of elegant simplicity at the heart of the identity. Black and white, supported by a suite of greys that hint at the industrial world, form the primary brand hues; while warm shades of green and cream pay homage to the company’s sustainable heritage.

The new brand identity is designed to work seamlessly across a wide range of applications, from marketing materials and social channels to vehicle fleet and building signage.

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