Canal Hollywood 25 Anos
On-air identity and logo to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the leading movie channel in Portugal.

AMC Networks International Southern Europe

Creative Direction
Graphic Development
Motion Graphics
Music and Sound Design

Luis Ortega: Music and Sound Design

In 2021, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Canal Hollywood Portugal, the movie channel commissioned us to create a commemorative logo building on the on-air identity we had developed in 2018.

As the 25-year celebration animated logo needed to be of different lengths, we have created a visual and sonic ident that works equally well across the ten and twenty second durations. The animations contain the words “25 ANOS” and capture the dynamism that has always been a hallmark of the film channel.

The new idents reclaim both the analog and digital codes of cinema as their own, with graphic references to different 20th-century film leaders. Countdown leaders used since the days of early sound films starting from a PICTURE START frame coexist with digital symbols like play or buffering to tie the animated idents to both the movie channel’s 25th anniversary and the two worlds, analog and digital, in which cinema works its magic.

An integral part of the new ident is its sound logo, a short jingle created by Luis Ortega that pays homage to the world of cinema and sounds completely new.

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