Visual identity for APIE, an independent, non-profit Spanish association of business journalists.


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APIE (Asociación de Periodistas de Información Económica) is an independent, non-profit Spanish professional association of business journalists. Founded in 1973 to promote ethics and the highest standards in economic journalism, APIE is highly respected and nationally recognized.

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, APIE entrusted us with the design of a new identity and a commemorative 50-year logo to be launched in conjunction in April 2023. The challenge was to create an identity that captured the central ideas of good practice, transparency, empowerment, and forward momentum, that are the essence of what APIE does for its members and patrons.  

Simple and direct, the new logo conveys APIE’s future-facing and positive approach. The wordmark, set in all caps using Swiss Int’l (by Swiss Typefaces), is accessible and contemporary, reflecting rigor, transparency and closeness. It is accompanied by a symbol, an stylized arrow that points up and forward, marks a path of continuous improvement and serves as a visual metaphor for a group of journalists working together in service of good business journalism. The arrow can also be used independently of the wordmark and appear as a graphic pattern across applications. 

The modular construction of the logo can be applied to other brand expressions, such as the 50-year commemorative logo. Modern and flexible, the new visual identity has room to evolve along with the association’s needs and makes APIE’s communication materials clean, proud, vibrant and relevant.

Simultaneously loud and quiet, the color identity features black and white along with three bright, contemporary shades of blue, violet and green that convey the dynamism of data visualization and work very well on digital environments.

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